Her Smile 'Lights Up the Whole Pantry'

By Dave Warner

He’s a star.

The little boy is only a few weeks old, and yet he arrives at the pantry each week with his mom.

His big sister, 3 years old, used to be a frequent visitor, but now she often stays home with a family member while her mom and infant brother do the shopping.

You’d have to have a cold heart indeed not to like this family.

For one thing, mom has a smile that lights up the whole pantry, which she manages while picking up the family’s groceries each week.

The other volunteers and I miss seeing the 3-year-old girl, who has charmed us all, but mom can only handle so much and still get the food her family needs.

In addition to her little people, and her working husband, she cares for her aging father, who is ailing, and has to eat a special diet.

That’s one infant feeding, one 3 year old who likes to eat, a hungry husband, and her dad.

And still, the mom smiles. And we do, too.


Dave Warner is a volunteer at the food cupboard. His dispatches are based on his experiences at the pantry each week.