Our Fresh Produce Stand

By Dave Warner

One of the really wonderful developments at the pantry in the last year or so is the big increase in the amount of fruits and vegetables we offer our patrons every week.

Volunteers Sandra and Lance, who regularly staff that area of the pantry, work hard to make sure that our patrons get the fresh produce that is beneficial for them and their families.

From the perspective of somebody, like me, who weighs the food carts, and then helps people to their cars, it feels as though our patrons are spending even more time at the good-for-you produce tables.

Here’s just one example. Just before the Memorial Day holiday, the pantry was busy, busy, busy. And, as usual, we had abundant quantities of fruit and vegetables.

“Eggplant?” asked a volunteer of a patron.

She shook her head no.

“How about some squash?

Once again, a no.

“How about peaches?” 

The patron’s eyes lit up, and she went home with a big smile on her face, perhaps looking forward to a holiday picnic with plenty of fresh peaches.


Dave Warner is a volunteer at the food cupboard. His dispatches are based on his experiences at the pantry each week.